My goal as a coach is to inspire, touch and bless others on their way to living a Rich, Abundant, Healthy, and Thriving Life.  This work is holistic in nature as it embraces the body, mind and spirit connection; as all three of these aspects must be addressed when truly becoming a “whole” person.  The utilization of my educational background, life skills tools along with my personal life experiences move clients forward towards attaining their goal.

I look forward to working with you to discover the areas in the mind, body and soul that are blocking you for moving forward to become a whole healthy balanced person.  We do this together as a team.  I like to take baby steps towards making the necessary changes in your life to live a RICH, Abundant, and Thriving Life.  The ultimate goal is to make sure you are comfortable with the strategies we put in motion for the path to health and wellness. 

Coaching vs. Counseling    

logo Coaches provide a distinct service that helps clients define their goals and create a new life path.

logo Coaches facilitate progress in ways that are usually fun, promote rapid growth which includes strstructure, encouragement and support.

logo Coaches are prone to define goals with the client.

logo Coaches formulate a plan that will use the client’s skill set for accountable progress.

logo Coaching tends to be fast paced, strategic, encouraging and looking to the future.


logo Counselors work primarily with behavioral problems and emotional difficulties.

logo Counselors offer help in dealing with ingrained behaviors connected to the past.

logo Counselors assume emotions are a symptom of something wrong.

logo Counselors diagnose and provide professional expertise and guidelines.

logo Counseling may be slow, painful and dwells in the past.

Living Life Holistic Support Options:

Weight Loss:  Your Mind, Body and Spirit Weight “Release” Program

Menopause Support: A Rich Healthy Abundant and Thriving Life is possible for you!

LLH Products: Creative natural options to help keep you and your family healthy.

Blog:  Interesting, thought provoking commentary on health and wellbeing

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