Susan’s coaching is a brilliant mix of kind-hearted compassion and no-nonsense, with a heart as big as the sky, and she will hold you to her vision so that you get all you asked for, and more. Sally Galloway

Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Author, Speaker

Susan is passionate about helping people feel and “be” healthy. She is cutting edge and very motivational. You can tell that she genuinely cares about helping you look and feel better. I am very honored to have met Susan. Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct

Over the past 40 years of working- I never eat breakfast. In fact….. I only eat one meal a day. During the past six months I’ve been trying very hard to eat more during the day. So now that I’ve started to use this Slenderiix the Body Freedom Transformation program -I’m eating breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner! I’m using the product two times a day. One of the fabulous results from using Slenderiix the Body Freedom Transformation program plus eating two meals a day is that I’ve reduced my sweet tooth cravings. I’ve moved to Stevia full time, I don’t eat chocolate or cookies EVERY day.  Okay stop laughing, it’s Thursday and this week I have had 4 tiny gluten free granola cookies…… NO Ben & Jerry’s, NO Wegmans muffins or dipped chocolate peanut butter cookies.  It’s been a BIG change! Thank you Susan for introducing me to Slenderiix the Body Freedom Transformation program! Kathie Conn

Licensed Master Esthetician, Skin Sense

I would (and do) highly recommend Susan to my clients. She has a wonderful grasp of holistic health and has great people skills. Clients feel comfortable talking to Susan and she gets results! Dave Delevante


I started doing business with Sue and Mike last year and have found them to be experts in their field. Very knowledgeable and very eager to satisfy their customers. They are outstanding assets to our barter family!!! Jan Snow


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