Living a Rich Abundant Healthy Thriving Life IS Possible!

Hello, my name is Susan Orehowsky; Coach, Educator, Author and Public Speaker

My goal as a coach is to inspire, touch and bless others on their way to living a thriving life.  This work is holistic in nature as it embraces the body, mind and spirit connection; as all three of these aspects must be addressed when truly becoming a “whole” person.  The utilization of my educational background, life skills tools along with my personal life experiences move clients forward towards attaining their goal.

The following areas of support are available within the framework of Coaching:

Weight Loss:  Your Mind, Body and Spirit Weight “Release” Program – “Release” rather than lose that extra weight that has attached itself to you.  After all, no one is on a mission to go find those unwanted pounds! Read more...

Menopause Support:  Supporting women maneuver through their menopausal journeys is on the top of my list of passions.  Each individual experiences menopausal symptoms with a different occurrence rate and intensity.  Touching, inspiring, and impacting women through these hormonal challenges is my goal.  Read more...

LLH Products: Creative natural options to keep you and your family healthy. Read more...

Blog:  I discovered back in college that writing came naturally to me.  It somehow connected me to parts of myself that had been previously hidden and recognizing that writing was indeed a pathway to healing.  Read more...

You are in the right place if you are tired of feeling out of balance and are eager to take back responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. Let’s get started.

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