About Susan

Who is Coach Susan?

In my personal life I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, nana, and spiritual momma, full of energy woman; who loves exercising and meditating. Quiet time, prayer and other balancing activities are the foundation of my daily existence of Living Life Holistic. logo

You will often find me in the kitchen creating gourmet meals and also spending time with loved ones. Family time is essential for me as I am blessed with three grown sons and three grandchildren! I must admit that date night with my husband Michael is front-runner in the delight department. logo

As a lover of learning I read, read, read; sometimes engrossed with five books at a time! Listening to music uplifts, calms and centers me. While I enjoy all genres, I am especially fond of alternative Christian
rock music. logo

Those who know me well see me as somewhat of an introvert who is loyal, honest, ethical, dependable and pragmatic. While these traits certainly work positively in both personal and professional arena, like everyone I do on occasion walk both sides of the road. It is called being human which supports me in understanding the needs of others and being the best Coach I can be. logo

Those who are not as familiar with me and my work sometimes see me as a “Health Nut”.  For me this refers to an individual who is educated, passionate and proactive about health so I happily embrace this label. logo

My pathway to Living Life Holistic has been an interesting journey. After working for 25 years in the mortgage banking world and financial planning, I left the industry to partner with my husband in the creation and building of a plumbing business. During this time however I was always involved part time with health related jobs, businesses and volunteer positions. Of my many associations the most well-known are with Weight Watches and Jenny Craig. logo

Finding a RICH Abundant, and Thriving Life has been a divine path for me. When my husband broke his neck in 1986 we went with an allopathic medicine route. Unfortunately that avenue took us only so far which set us out on a search for more help. Embracing a holistic approach led us to a truly natural solution for his wellbeing.   Additionally traditional methods of medicine did not support my early onset menopause. These life altering health issues  are just two of many. They were blessings in disguise that led  family and  me  to use  holistic natural remedies and eventually to a new and fulfilling career. logo

Clearly my life experience has been highly instrumental in propelling me to acquire the necessary education and honing the skill to teach workshops about nutrition, weight loss and general health. It is now my honor to support others on their journeys to wellness too. logo

Professional Certification:

  • Christian Life Coach: The Institute for Life Coaching -2006 logo
  • Team Leader: Dr. Ray Strand’s Healthy for Living program 2006 logo
  • Holistic Health Coach: Global College of Natural Medicine -2012 logo

So who is Coach Susan? First and foremost I am a woman of God and prayer. I am a complicated yet simple kind of woman who is ready, willing and eager to support you in your forward movement to wellness.

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