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Your Mind, Body and Spirit Weight “Release” Program” with Susan Orehowsky
"Release” rather than lose that extra weight that has attached itself to you.
After all, no one is on a mission to go find those unwanted pounds!

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SLENDERIIZ: Clinically Proven. Simple. Easy. Effective. Transforming
Preparation Phase: Two days
Fat Burning Phase:  One - Six Months, depending upon the desired results
Maintenance Phase: Ongoing lifestyle tools that supports your weight “Release” results.

This healthy natural Weight Release Program is suitable for both men and women. Slenderiiz products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional benefits of Slenderiiz: 

logo Improves the body’s ability to burn fat while making lifestyle changes.

logo Suppresses appetite

logo Reduces cravings

logo Boosts metabolism

logo Improves digestion

logo Aids detoxification

logo Hormone free

logo Supports flush out wastes and toxins

logo Weight release at 2X the rate of a calorie reduction program alone.

logo Encourages healthy lifestyle habits and sustained results

Body Free- 4 Week Session includes:  

logo Getting acquainted clinical package

logo Membership site

logo Weekly educational videos

logo Email correspondence

logo Private FaceBook community page

logo Support sites (Recipes, Tips and Accountability)

logo Group coaching.

logo Additional opportunity to start a home based business and join my team

My personal webinar: videos featuring Slenderiiz Coach Shannon Lavenia and Coach Lynn Allen Johnson  http://losingweightduringmenopause.com/

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Schedule your 15 minute complimentary (1)


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