If you have been following me for a while then you’ve seen me transform over this past year or so.  I have been searching for my passion in life.  I tried several companies, products, coaches, and finally I just sat still with God for a while and listened to his still small voice.  He has gifted me in many ways, but the one that keeps coming out the and makes me feel passionate beyond is weight loss and coaching.  Imagine that!

It took me some time and trials to find my passion.  I encourage you to do the same and really dig deep inside, know what your gifts are and then sit with God and listen to His still small voice to follow your passion with all your heart!  Life is just too short to do anything less.

belly-2354_1920I started with Weight Watches back in 1986 losing 55 pounds of baby weight and then becoming a staff member and teaching classes for the next seven years.  I went on to do many things in life, but I was always teaching health and weight loss.  I even did health ministry!  I love helping others to get their health back and weight under control.  It changes lives!!  Seriously, think about it.

I just did a 3 day refresh program right after Thanksgiving.  I didn’t stuff myself but I did eat more than I usually do and lots more carbohydrates and sugar than my body is used too.  I actually felt bad for the next two days.  So I decided to do this program and I lost 4.4 pounds and 2 inches in the 3 days.  Now I am doing the 21 day Fit program right before Christmas because I want to stay focused on health and not on junk food.  I don’t want to be a statistic with the average American gaining 10-20 pounds with the holiday season! Nope not me.  I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions any more.  Especially with weight loss.  You get 10-14 days in and then the cheating starts and before you know it…you give up and another goal not reached. Wasted money on a gym membership.

I would love to work with you to help you find your passion and to get healthy!  Schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation and let’s get started now!!  Don’t wait till January 1st 2016!

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