scheduleI came from the corporate world after 23 years and have been working from home the last three.  I have had a real struggle making the transition.  You see in the workforce you are either the boss or you are the worker.  I was the worker and then became the boss.  I knew that I had to get to the office at a certain time, preform certain tasks, delegate work to the staff and then I left at a certain time.  This was the daily schedule with some chaos and deadlines added to the mix.  But you get the picture right?

After some life struggles I am now in business for myself and working from home.  It started as a hobby and then it grew.  It’s been hard though.  My mindset is still in the corporate world.  I am learning that working from home is not the same as being a boss or an employee.  It’s a hard habit to break! I take a few steps forward and then feel like I just took three steps back.  Where did the day go?  What did I do today and look at my to do list?  I was so organized at work, what is going on? Oh my gosh…then the guilt sets in.

I am learning that working from home requires me to have discipline and commitment.  I have to punch the clock in and out just like I did for that JOB.  I have more flexibility, but I still have to focus, set goals, work hard and make the commitment to meet those goals I have set for myself.  I’ve learned I need a running partner to keep me on track.  I also don’t beat myself up so much these days if I don’t get everything I wanted to do in that day.  I am finding my ebb and flow.  It feels good!

I thought about going back to the JOB! But you know what, I know that I can be successful in what I am doing with the effort and commitment of those promotions I used to get at the JOB!  Only these days I get to set the time frame of the promotion and I get all of it, not a 3% increase that gets eaten up in taxes!  Ouch all that work for a couple of pennies in the paycheck….sound familiar?  I also have lots of flex time for things that matter in my life.

If you find yourself wanting more than just the commute, chaos of the office politics, having to serve a boss who frankly doesn’t even know you exist, or working long hours at the cost of your family, then maybe you need to reassess what you’re doing and make a change.  I would love to help you make that transition.

I help others by mentoring, inspiring and coaching to have an abundant thriving life!  I offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a fit!  What are you waiting for?  Make the change in 2016 to have the life you have always wanted and dream of…it can be possible.

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