goal-729571_1280Can you believe there are only 2 weeks left of 2015?  Crazy right?  I love using the month of December to reflect on my year, review what I did well and what sucked all my energy and focus on my goals for the coming year.  So many people wait until New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to suddenly make a last minute decision on their goal or goals, without really sitting down and thinking about it.  I know I used to do this myself.  Make New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Day and before the end of the month….why did I want to do that? Wasted lots of money on gym memberships and I hate the gym.  I love my basement its open 24/7 for my schedule.  Can you relate?

So I would encourage you to take a little time out of your busy holiday days and focus on ALL areas of your life and what you want to achieve for 2016.  Be honest with yourself and look at everything…Your income, your health, your relationships, your business, your job, your free time, your emotions, your spiritual health, your mental health, your house, your marriage, your kids…EVERYTHING.  Small goals that will grow you each and every day.  Invest in you and your life not only for yourself but for those you love.

You don’t want to focus on the problems but focus on what you want to achieve this year!  See yourself being SUCCESSFUL in those areas.  Commit to make this the best year ever.  Remember this is all about baby steps not giant leaps and bounds.  I need an accountability partner so I have a few ladies that I check in with sometimes daily to keep my on track and moving forward.  How about you?

Commit to create new habits that will stick and last and bring you positive outcomes and incomes.  Commit to learn new things so you can gain more knowledge and more skills in areas that you love and have a passion in.  Also commit to enjoying more ME time and nourishing your body, mind and spirit as much as possible.  This was something new for me this year was intentionally pampering myself and not feeling guilty about that.  It has made a better woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, Nana and has made my marriage even stronger.

So tell me are you going to just make off the cuff resolutions or are you going to take some time and really think about the changes you can make in 2016! 

Let’s connect and see how I can help you with this very important step in your life.  I offer a free complimentary 15 minute consultation so get on my schedule it’s filling up fast!

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