How women today are finding innovative ways to support their income needs while balancing a busy life, body changes and shifting sands of life.

shifting sandsMoney. It is a topic we cannot avoid but a word that many people cannot even say much less embrace. For women who are shifting into the sole provider role because of changes in our world, this means they are being asked to tap into their intuition and innovative heart center to create new and exciting ways to make money during shifting times.

I am part of a book project that has been truly a “Divine Intervention” in my life. Working with the compiler on this project has opened my eyes to many ways in which women can create new sources of income that are easier to procure than more stressful ways of making money. During the “Industrial Revolution” the men were the providers, going to their plants, pounding out steel, rubber and raw materials that would be used to build equipment and cars. Innovative thought leaders came forth to “make life easier” and along came robots, green initiatives and easier methods to do the same work with less man power. Sound familiar?

Fast forward to today where this is truly a “Virtual Communication Revolution”.   What did this do for women? As you know women go into a survival mode easily as this is programmed into our DNA. One of the first female reactions to shifting sand is to intuitively start a creation process. We get moving!

Was this easy? I should say 100% no. It was just as hard for women to shift from the role of home maker, caregiver as it was for men to shift from working hard to being hurt or being a stay at home parent. Ego, media and simple programming in our minds of limiting belief patterns, made this shift a hard one but women have stepped up to the plate with innovative solutions to making money. On the book project I met women who took a tiny idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar business where they could not only make the money, but keep their role as caregiver of the children.  How exciting is that!

Social media has provided a vehicle for me to use in creating sources of income that don’t require long days at the office, or overwhelm and emotional stress. I love what I do now more than any other time!  Women today are going to the beach and meditating while collecting money from the sale of an instructional eBook. They are conducting online classes for a fee and making enough money to pay all of their bills. I salute these women who are using their shifting sand to innovate and create.

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