I can still remember the day when they contacted me at work to tell me my husband had been taken to the emergency room.  They didn’t tell me why, or how critical he was, just that I needed to come to the emergency room.  He was a stone mason at the time and was cutting the floor when it opened up like a trap door and he fell through.  It was the summer of 1986.  He fell 30 feet down to the concrete floor below.  God was so gracious in allowing him to have a head injury that was bleeding so badly they didn’t move him.  Had they moved him….the outcome would have been devastating to say the least!  He broke his C4 vertebrae with a compression fracture.  One year in a halo brace and two more years of rehabilitation.  Then the headaches started to come.

At first they were just headaches and he could manage them with some Tylenol.  Then as time passed they become more intense and longer.  Test after test and medication after medication the migraines increased and worsened to the point of debilitation.  It was impacting every aspect of our lives.  Our marriage was suffering and our children missed having their daddy to play with and coach them.  We were concerned when they started to prescribe pain medication that was highly addictive.  That’s when we said enough is enough.

I met a gentlemen at a networking event who overheard my story and asked if I had ever tried a more natural remedy.  I was open to anything at this point.  So, we took his lead and started to use high grade supplements, grape seed extract, calcium and omega oils.  We went on a low glycemic food plan.  Increased his exercise, sleep and water intake.  It took about four months and then we noticed he had gone a day without a migraine.  Then two, then three and eventually months on end!  Today he is still following this protocol.  He will have a migraine every now and again, but it’s manageable with natural medicine and now we have added essential oils.

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