Migraines and EMF Fact or Fiction?


Menopause is the change of life for women, when their reproductive cycle comes to an end. In our latest articles we investigate some of the causes of extreme symptoms of menopause in women. Migraine headaches are commonly reported by women going through the change, but more today than ever.


EMF stands for “Electromagnetic Fields”. We all have EMFs in our body already naturally produced. The technology EMFs however, are so plentiful with all of the cell phones, cordless phones and even hair dryers emit unnatural EMFs that can cause migraines. Although Science is slow to reveal this long know secret, being around sources such as florescent lighting and wireless controls all day may be responsible for your migraines outside of menopause.


What are Electromagnetic Fields?


The electric field:


  • Created by electric charges, or voltage (the force of the electricity)
  • Always there when an appliance is plugged in (even if the appliance is turned off) 
  • Can be shielded or blocked by metal housing and other barriers.
  • Measured in units of hertz


The magnetic field


  • Created by moving electric charges (electric current)
  • Only there when the appliance is operating (when current is flowing)
  • Hard to shield: can penetrate steel, concrete and human bodies (human bodies have the same permeability as air when it comes to magnetic fields, which is why x-rays work so well).
  • The more powerful the current is, the more powerful the magnetic field it creates
  • Measured in units of gauss (G) or milliGauss (mG), which is one-thousandth of a gauss.




No need to be confused. There is a very simple technique that can help you reduce the effects of EMFs on your body. It is called grounding and the process is simple. Are you ready? Just go outdoors with your shoes off and sit or stand on the ground with bare feet. Your connection with the earth’s perfect polarity will help you absorb electrons to neutralize EMF technology in your body and also has many rewards, especially for menopausal women. Grounding gives you time to be on the ground in contact with nature. Grounding allows your mind to release the old and allow the new. I know it may sound strange but give it a try!




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