When I first realized I was in perimenopause I couldn’t believe it.  I was only 36 when I started to experience the hot flashes, mood swings, cravings, and excessive weight gain.  Not to mention some of the other less common symptoms!  What I didn’t know then was as my body was changing and I needed to make changes to my diet, exercise and life style.  I was a young mom, wife, working full time, teaching part time, oh and did I add just a little stressed out.

Here’s the mad science of perimenopause and menopause, not all women experience problems and/or symptoms at menopause. Hmmm… Some do, some don’t and most are in the middle.  The healthier you are, hopefully less symptomatic you will be during the hormonal changes.  There is some new research now proving this to be true.  Join me in a happy dance!

A technique call Aromatouch™, which I am certified in, is an application of eight essential oils, which when used in combination with high quality supplements and a low glycemic paleo food plan can be extremely beneficial to the hormonal support needed during the “change”. Menopause symptoms may include hot flashes, bone fragility, confusion, brain fog, depression, and a dry, less elastic vagina with a thinner lining — all thought to be caused by the erratic activity or insufficiency of hormones.

lemon-906141_1280Several essential oils that contain hormone like substances related to estrogen are helpful during menopause. These include clary sage, anise, fennel, cypress, lemongrass, coriander, sage, and to a lesser degree, basil. Such essential oils, along with peppermint and lemon, may help relieve hot flashes. Since essential oils penetrate through the skin, applying them to fatty areas of the body where hormones are manufactured and stored will create the most direct effect. Of course, any massage in and of itself is very therapeutic. I recommend either Aromatouch technique or massage therapy a minimum of twice per month depending on the severity of your symptoms.  Your sanity is worth the expense!

Geranium, Wild Orange, and lavender are balancing oils for hormones and may also help modify menopausal symptoms. They are traditionally used in European face creams to reduce aging and wrinkles. As a rejuvenation cream, these oils not only perk up a dry complexion, they make a good cream to counter vaginal dryness. Add some vitamin E oil, which improves the strength and flexibility of the vaginal lining while quickly healing abrasions that can occur during intercourse when the lining is too dry.

Essential oils that affect estrogen and balance hormones: cypress, geranium, lavender, wild orange, rose, clary sage, clary calm

Essential oils that ease hot flashes: clary sage, lemon, peppermint, past tense, deep blue

Essential oils for emotional ups and downs: chamomile, jasmine, wild orange, bergamot, balance blend

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