Headaches and migraines are generally accepted as just a part of life.  They can be brought on by stress, not eating regularly, not enough physical activity, not drinking enough water, lack of sleep and for women from hormonal imbalance.  You know what I am talking about, that throbbing or massive pounding going on between the eyes.  I personally have very few headaches and have never experienced a migraine.  My husband suffers from migraines, but with a natural holistic protocol we have been able to keep them very few and far between these days.

Many women experience headaches just before their periods and for menopausal women they can just be erratic at best.  When estrogen levels take a dive, which is usually just before a period, the headaches can flair.  Some women get the migraines which can be oh so disruptive to life!  So, what do you so?  In the past, we used the conventional method of ibuprofen or acetaminophen, along with some very strong prescription medications.  These were a band aid of course.  And my concern was the side effects to the liver if you take them excessively.  My husband was taking the highest dosage possible.

I am holistic so I recommend a lifestyle change that you can practice for life.  Opt for a low glycemic food plan, eliminate the sugar, gluten, dairy, soy (GMO), peanuts, alcohol and caffeine.  Use high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements, essential oils, grapeseed extract, may need to increase the calcium.  CoQ10 and magnesium may need to be added as well.  Each person is different so you may need to try and then adjust.  Remember that stress can influence your hormonal balance.  I love to walk and hike, Yoga, Pilates and meditation.  The key is to get calm and centered and pay attention to the level of stress in your life!

And we all know that hydration is key to living.  Cut the carbonated drinks.  Water is best and drink more of it in the heat.  Add fruit or veggies to infuse it.  Non caffeine teas are good but not in excess.  Watch how much you are drinking in the later part of the day or you will be getting up at nigh disrupting your sleep to urinate.  Balance is the key.

Tell me how you deal with headaches and/or migraines?  Share what has worked and what hasn’t.  I help people overcome their limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck, broke and unhealthy to create balance, time freedom and health!

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