This has been a very hard week so far and it’s only Thursday!  I was at a workshop out at a gym Monday evening with a business partner and I had a few minutes before I was getting started.  My husband calls me first just to touch base like he always does on his way home forgetting I am at the workshop.  In the middle of how was your day, I get a second call and it’s my mom from her cell phone.  Alarms, fight or flight adrenalin start to flow as I tell my husband, “My mom is calling me from her cell I’ve got to go honey”!  I take the call and she is frantic and starts to rattle off that your dad fell and I found him lying on the floor when I got home in a pool of blood.  I have already called 911 and they just got here.  I have to get the door can you meet me at the hospital?  What?

So he fell right after she went to work and had been on the floor for about four hours bleeding from a very bad cut to the his head.  He didn’t have his cell phone in his pocket because he left it in the wheel chair pocket which was over four feet away now.  He did try to get up once but got so dizzy he laid back down.  He heard the mail man and the door was open, but the dog was barking so much the mail man didn’t hear his cry for help.  Six stiches later and he doesn’t remember what happened.  Hospital for 24 hours and refuses rehabilitation and goes home!! UGH!

This is an ongoing story of the aging parents.  I am still working and have a life full of my own and fitting in the parenting of the aging parents.  Statistics show they will do so much better living independently for as long as they can in their own home.  My brother has 2 small children since he had children late I life and my sister lives in Tennessee.  I love my parents and I honor them.  But it does get to be a little bit much sometimes when things like this happen and you have to drop everything and become the parent to the parents.

Life is so short so make sure you enjoy every moment of every day!  Wow I think I need a coach. 🙂  I would love to connect with you to for a complimentary consult and make a plan of action to reduce the stress in your life.  Life is a journey enjoy the ride!




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