Did you know that statically the average American gains 10-20 pounds over the holiday season!  WOW… is all I can say to that.  I for one am not going to join that statistic.  This may seem like the worst time to start a healthy weight loss program, but this is when I joined both Weight Watchers and my current program Body Freedom Transformation.  I was already overweight, not wearing the size clothes I wanted to wear, and feeling out of control.  Sound familiar?  This is the best time to get yourself back on track and with lots of support to lose weight over the holiday season!

So, you ask, “what can I do?”  Here are some tips that I have incorporated in my fight against the bulge:

  • Be proactive.Don’t wait for the weight to add up before switching to a healthier lifestyle such as a low glycemic food plan, more fruits and veggies. Stay hydrated with water. Sleep 7-8 hours per night.
  • Increase your physical activity.Walking by far is the easiest activity to do.  So try to power walk as much as you can.  The burst or interval exercise is now recommended for best results.  I like PIYO, Kettlebells, walking, biking, swimming and burst training.  Key words here are get physical!
  • Do strength training.Exercises such as weight lifting can boost your metabolism, as well as increase muscle mass and strengthen bones. Building muscle mass is also more likely to protect against future weight gain.  If you’re a women in perimonopause or menopause you need to protect and build those bones with weight training!  It’s proven results!
  • Go with a Food Plan that Works for You.Women need about 200 fewer calories a day to maintain their weight as they enter their mid- to late 40s, according to the Mayo Clinic. One word of caution for menopausal women, there is an increased risk of bone loss as you age more so than men, it’s especially important to keep up with daily calcium requirements if you’re simultaneously trying to lose weight.  Look at low glycemic food plans, gluten free, Paleo, and get a food journal and write it all down!  Tracking keeps you accountable and helps you to get variety in the plan.
  • Rule out a thyroid problem.Hypothyroidism, which often develops in women at midlife, can also contribute to weight gain, so have a thorough checkup if you are rapidly gaining weight.  To my surprise this was not my problem even though several family members have this issue.

I offer a four week Body Freedom Transformation program for weight loss every month.  You can find out more by registering for the webinar under the services tab for weight loss.  This program helped me to lose 62 pounds and 26 inches in 5 months and I have been maintaining with ease now since February 2015.  If you would like to connect with me schedule a complimentary consult and I will answer any questions you may have.  Connect with me on social media!

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