The Mindset of Lack: Most common in women and “more common” in menopausal women.


Money and women. For ages women have carried with them the mindset of scarcity and lack. In times of riches or in times of poverty, women are burdened with a set of thoughts that constantly tells them there will never be enough money, food, time; simply not enough of anything. Through the life cycle of a woman’s hormones are the driving force in decisions, and obviously some of those decisions are attached to money.


Money is a renewable resource that most likely will not run out in our human lifetime. However, there is a great fear among women that falls upon the notion of scarcity. Can menopause actually stop your money flow?


In the workplace menopausal women will often remain silent. Many women over the age of 40 who are starting the process of menopause are still working a 9-5 job. They silently endure the transition while remaining locked in a cubicle. Many women will lose time on the job as a result of symptoms such as hot flashes, emotional crashes and lack of sleep.


There are several ways in which you can reverse a scarcity mindset while you are going through menopause.


  1. Take time to write a gratitude journal. Probably the most widely used method for feeling better because it allows you to bring your mind into the awareness that abundance is our true nature. Just get any old spiral notebook or even a blank piece of paper and start to write what you are grateful for. Or go purchase a beautiful journal and make this a daily practice. If a hot flash comes on you while you are writing gratitude, be grateful for that as well.


  1. The next time you walk into a grocery store take time to take a look at the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. Pick up an apple and take a smell of the natural essence of the fruit. This is abundance and abundance is the only truth. Menopause may increase your anxiety and money is a trigger. Take the bull by the horns, and feel abundant on purpose.


  1. Speak with your manager if you work a 9-5 job, especially if your boss is a woman at or near your same age. Remember that it is a natural progression of your life and it’s not permanent. Research indicates 2-5 years is about the length of time that a woman experiences somewhat debilitating symptoms. This really depends on family genetics and how healthy you are.


You don’t have to allow menopause to control you if you have the tools you need. Perhaps you would like to come home to earn money and leave a dead end job. I have several money making opportunities.   


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